How to download mini militia xmod xap file

How to download mini militia xmod xap file 

  • To download the xmod version of mini militia, follow these steps.
  • Download and install original mini militia 2.2.61 from play store or from the link
  • Install god mod.
  • Open god mod.
  • Do customised settings like what you want and what not… you can check or uncheck unlimited nitro, bullets per shot, health reduction, etc, pro pack.
  • Patch the binary.
  • Pack the binary.
  • Export the binary
  • Now a modded apk will be created into the root directory of your phone’s internal or external memory. Please go through both the places.
  • Now unistall the original mini militia 2.2.61 and install the exported apk.

Mini Militia Xap Download

  • Mini Militia is available for windows phone also. We have tried our best to sort out the most suitable and convenient link for accessing mini militia on your windows phone.
  • All you have to do is to hit the link and here you go

Mini Militia x2 Damage

  • Mini Militia single shot kill was once the most downloaded hack. One shot kill was rated among the best modes but as it became popular people started spotting it as a hack.
  • So, we have re-compiled this version of one shot kill Mini Militia apk into high damage bullets mode for both Android and iOS.


Features :

High damage bullets– Every gun you pick will have extensive damage capabilities, i.e., every gunfire will have more power and better aiming.

  • Mini Militia Pro Pack– All features of Pro pack will be available with this hack.
  • Unlimited Nitro– Fly as much you want
  • Without Unlimited health– So that you are not called a cheater.
  • No Unlimited Ammo– Makes the apk not look like a hack to other players.
  • Double bullets Shots– Only you will see dual bullets being fired not others.
  • All Store items purchased– Green Bomb, Laser, better aim, etc.
  • Bang with any gun kills them to death that’s what this hack is capable of doing. To you, the guns will look like shooting multiple bullets, but to other opponents,it will just be a single round. That is one reason why the mode is called 2x damage mode.

Installation Guide:-

  • No root access required for one shot dead mod.
  • Uninstall the currently installed Mini Militia app.
  • Download the mod apk from the link mentioned here
  • Download the hack through Google drive or your browser.
  • Install and acknowledge the License.


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