Mini militia game ghost mod free download

Mini militia game ghost mod free download



  1. Mini Militia 2.2.86 version God mod is released and the best part is that it doesnot require any root.
  2. I have developed this mod with heavy customization. New guns are available.
  3. But to use the new guns you must turn off high resolution graphics if it is turned on. Enjoy


  1. Unlimited Health– Forget about getting hit by bullets. You never gonna die.
  2. Unlimited Ammo- Forget about loosing any game. Atleast you will never run out of ammo using this apk version.
  3. Unlimited Nitro
  4. Unlimited Grenades
  5. Pro Pack Unlocked
  6. .One Shot Kill
  7. No Reload
  8. New Guns
  9. Fly through walls which means in solo play you are totally invisible
  10. To get this version of mini militia just tap on the link here


Mini militia Game song

Well you can download mini militia game song from numerous places on web. I am collecting a few links which are easily accessible and you can download its music directly. So please click on this link


Mini militia guns

  1. This simple appearance mod with new guns and new skins etc there is no overpowering mod in this apk because mini militia developers doesn’t like it they are working hard to make mini militia better they removed all old mods from file hosting sites.
  2. Anyway i decided not to re upload that mods because i am now co-operating with mini militia team , I hope you all are satisfied with mini militia mods.
  3. Also don’t forget that if you use cheats you may permanently banned they are strong now so just use clean version.
  4. You can use this mini militia HD appearance mod i hope you like it.
  5. Here is the link to download the new skin


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