Mini militia quick play hack and cheats

Mini militia quick play hack and cheats


Mini militia has always been our favorite multiplayer game. You must have spent hours in playing mini militia game. Before you read this post answer the questions listed below

  1. Are you a newbie to mini militia?
  2. Are you failing to get high scores and ranks?
  3. Have you ever felt that you need to improve your skills?
  4. Do you deserve to become a pro gamer in mini militia?
  5. Do you want to master the game?

If the answer is YES for the above questions then this post is ultimately for you. There are few mini militia cheats and tweaks with which you can master the game. After reading these tips and tricks for mini militia you can definitely improve your skill and compete well with your opponents. If you are already a pro player then you may skip these steps.


  1. Never get into a combat with a Pro player who has high scores and experience.
  2. Avoid using weapons like piston which does not make a powerful impact on enemies.
  3. Always, keep the weapon reloaded before engaging into a battle.
  4. Keep the fly power (blue bar) full whenever possible so that it will be useful when trying to escape from a battle.
  5. Avoid getting in the middle of the attack which is been carried out between other players unless knowing how to kill them both.
  6. Committing suicide is a better choice when the health is low rather than giving the points to the other player by killing.
  7. When a bomb has been thrown on you, sitting down would help the player to have less impact on one’s health.
  8. Place the poison grenade (green grenade) in the place where the opponents would spawn that will kill the opponent automatically.
  9. Try getting the powerful like shotgun, rifle, sniper, rocket launcher during the combat.
  10. Make a wise use of double guns.
  11. Shield and a pistol or revolver would make a great defence as well as offence.
  12. No use in getting into a combat with hackers, as they would be in god mode.
  13. Rocket launcher is the most powerful weapon, if you know to aim and shoot.
  14. Sniper Rifle and a killer sword is a great combination for long and short range
  15. Replace the weapons as soon as possible if the ammo get low without spare ammo to reload.
  16. Lower the shield when the bomb is being thrown at you could save one’s life.
  17. Melee will help you in giving extra boost.
  18. The user could choose the map in the lobby where the players get ready. Try clicking on the ‘Maps’ button to vote for the map.
  19. Switch to fist if it is very close encounter as the weapons may not make a great effect.
  20. Last, but not the least. Keep playing until you get good experience and compete with the opponents.

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